Friday, January 9, 2015


Tibetan: Jangchub Sempa
English: Bodhisattva

The Tibetan byang chub (pronounced Jangchub) means enlightened or awakened.
byang means to clear away, purify or awaken (notice the action to as opposed to the Tibetan sangs).
chub means totally or perfectly.

The Tibetan sems means mind, dpa' means heroic, courageous, or warrior.

Sempa is a courageous mind.  Courageous because it seeks enlightenment.  It seeks to purify, clear away and awaken.  Heroic because she is willing to bear the hardship of pushing through resistance, breaking through fear and doubt, and persevering amidst uncertainty.


Because they have something to share and they are sick of holding back, sick of consuming.  They are tired of hiding.  Disillusioned with indulging themselves with the mundane affairs of this world.

So they commit.  They decide.  They act.  They do it for themselves, and they do it for others.  They do it for themselves so that they can actually do it for others.

When their practice is perfected, they become Buddhas, fulfilling their own aims and benefiting others simultaneously.

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