Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Tib. Sangyey
English: Buddha

The Tibetan sangs means purified, cleared away, awakened.
Purified misconduct, divisive speech, and negative mental states.
Cleared away bad habits, erroneous perception and mistaken ideas.
Awakened from the darkness of ignorance, from the dullness of sleep, to the truth.

The Tibetan rgyas means to flourish, to spread, to share.

A Buddha is someone who has done the hard work of purifying negativity, clearing away obscurations and waking themselves up.  That is the root of their practice. 

But doing that is not enough to be a Buddha.  You have to share it.  You have to give.  You need to share love, give gifts that matter, and do the hard work of connecting with and benefiting others.  That is the essence of their practice.

Buddha is just a name.  It is a title.  It is the meaning behind the name and the title that is profound.  It is not something given, it is something earned.  Something you are.

You can do it.

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