Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Mark.

How do you know if you have hit your mark?  How do you experience error and obscuration and know them to be so?

A marksman has a great advantage, they know what they are aiming for and when they have hit it.

So what are you aiming for?

Stability.  Peace of mind.  A clear and calm mind.

The Tibetan syllable Ah represents your uncontrived, natural state.  It is unborn and unceasing, the true nature of your own mind.  To recognize it and abide in it is the basis of the path.  If you do not recognize it, then you are always falling to extremes and missing your mark.

Persevere in your practice.  Gain mastery and proficiency.  

Lastly, if this is your bullseye, even if you miss your mark, what joy!

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