Monday, March 31, 2014

Are you happy?

That thing that you are doing, does it make you happy?  Are you happy?

What is happiness?

Is it the simple pleasures in life?  Those tasty morsels of chocolate following a decadent massage in a spa resort.
Is it being immersed in a challenging activity?  Having to push yourself past your limitations and the joy that comes with discovery and engagement.
Is it your relationships? Your family, friends and loved ones, your role in the community and your workplace.
Is it your purpose?  This quest that you have embarked on that serves the greater good.
Is it your accomplishments?  Your titles and honors.  The impact that you have had on others and the blood, sweat and tears that went into fulfilling those projects.

Happiness is all of those things, and I hope you have it.

It is said to be our inalienable right to pursue happiness.  For a long time I thought that meant to pursue our own happiness, but what if it meant to pursue the happiness of others?

What if our simple pleasure was to delight, surprise and benefit others?
What if our challenging activity was to overcome our selfishness, fear and uncertainty and honestly strive to be generous, loving and kind in order to help others?
What if our relationships- with our family, friends and community- revolved around enriching their lives and promoting their aims?
What if this was your purpose?  Your quest?
What if you accomplished it?

Would you be happy?

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