Friday, March 7, 2014

Is this for me?

Have you ever witnessed the surprise and joy someone experiences when they discover something that was meant for them, but they previously didn't recognize was there or that it was their own?

It could be a gift, some kind of promotion, recognition or award.
It could be basic human rights- freedom, equality and the pursuit for happiness; the right to vote, to marry.
It could be their voice, their purpose, something they have to share but never recognized that it was there to be given.

The nature of our own mind is much the same.  It is right there, fully evident, but we do not recognize it and so are unable to enjoy it and experience its fulfillment.

The nature of our mind is originally pure, always and forever present.  It is flawless and unstained with nothing to improve upon.  It doesn't need to be made or cultivated, it just needs to be recognized.

It is your true nature, your innate buddhanature.
It is yours.
Enjoy it.  

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