Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Art of Practice.

What does your day revolve around?

Our days are busy with projects at work and responsibilities at home.  We run into all sorts of problems and roadblocks.  We want to do work that matters, but often we simply don’t have the time.

What intention do your bring to your day?

Is it to be more generous, to give gifts that matter and to make an impact in people’s lives and in your community. 

How do you actually do that?  It’s not easy.  You need to stick to your practice.

Some of us think of our practice as safe, a place we can prepare and get ready.  We think it is a place where mistakes don’t count and going live can always happen another day.  That is not what we are talking about here.

We need a practice that opens us up, one that enables our intention.  We need a practice that gives us the tools and resources to look into the darkness, face our fears and push through the resistance.

That is your practice.  The art of your practice is to share it.

Use your insight and understanding to benefit others, to be kind and compassionate to others.  Use your practice as a platform for doing work that matters, making connections and making an impact.  Use your practice to stand up, roll with resistance and carry problems onto the path.

Set your intention and let your day revolve around your practice.  I can’t wait to see the magic that you create. 

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