Friday, June 21, 2013


Generosity requires abundance, or at least the perception of abundance.  Which means that abundance is qualified by you and whether or not you feel you have anything to share. 

When most of us think of generosity we think of giving away our material wealth or possessions.  However, most of us have so much attachment to our money and possessions that we don't feel particularly generous.

There are other forms of generosity.

If you are training as an artist, someone who uses generosity, love and kindness to bring benefit to others and the world around them, then you have a lot of options to practice generosity.

You could share a kind word, a loving act, a simple gesture.  You could show up when people least expect it, you could do the work.  You could care, actually listen.  You could give people dignity when they feel they have nothing left to hold onto.

Give gifts that don't have a limit.

As you train, you can learn to cultivate abundance, but it is more important that you learn to recognize the abundance of wealth you already have. 

When you share this kind of generosity you get paid back in blessings.  And a life of abundance.

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