Friday, January 2, 2015

The ideal location.

On mountaintops, in forests, on islands and the like, 
Places that are agreeable to the mind and suitable to the season,
Cultivate single-pointed and unwavering meditative absorption,
On the clear light nature of mind, free from conceptual elaboration.
~Longchen Rabjam

Our environment has a significant influence on our mind.  The outer conditions can either aid us or hinder us in our practice.  As your practice develops more stability and you gain confidence dealing with problems and resistance the outer conditions become less important, but it is important to consider your practice setting at the beginning.

Mountaintops are awesome and inspiring, our minds become expansive and clear and we encounter few obstacles.
In forests, our minds are still and develop stability with ease.  Perfect for developing meditative absorption.
Riverbanks and streams remind us of impermanence and engender a focused mind.
Charnel grounds bring many obstacles for beginners, but can be powerful places for swift accomplishment.

It is important to assess your practice setting, to be aware of the qualities it will lend to your practice.  Examination is important, but don't spend all your time looking for the perfect setting.  

The ideal location for your practice is right where you are.  

Get to work!

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