Monday, July 1, 2013

The Squire and the Knight

Would you expect a squire to give a knight advice on how to vanquish his foes?

Of course not.

The squire has no experience.  He has not conquered a single enemy, hasn't swung a sword outside of playful practice.

The knight is well worn.  His discipline and honor show themselves by the calluses on his hands, the scars he proudly wears.  He has seen dark days, experienced real loss, real pain.  He has been pushed and pushed himself beyond the norms of comfort.

His patience shows in his resolve.  His diligence in his steadfastness.

The focus of his eyes is unwavering, like a lion.

When you ask a knight how to conquer your foes he can tell you many ways, depending on your position, your stature, your aptitude.  He can show you exactly what you need to know, no fluff.

So when you want to conquer your mind, overcome your shortcomings, cast aside your fear and doubt, do you ask a squire or a knight?

Of course nowadays everyone thinks they are a knight.  Put them in the middle of a battlefield though and then we can really determine the merits of their practice.  

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