Friday, March 1, 2013

The Battleground

Let's cut the crap.

Engaging in your own spiritual practice is not easy.

We are led to believe that meditation and the practice of the path engender an unceasing stream of bliss and clarity.  We are coaxed to a nice Zen-like state with beautiful photos of monks and nuns in states of serenity.  We read poetic aphorisms that lull us into a state of wishy washy fascination and self-aggrandizement.  

We hide too much.  

Your spiritual practice will be a war zone.  You will fight.  You will shed tears.  You will be afraid to move forward but step anyways.  Fear will rise in waves and storms of thoughts and emotions will bring you ceaseless torment.  

But you will stop shifting the blame.  

You will stop pretending.  Stop projecting and waging bets you cannot win.  

If you don't turn your eyes from the battlefield it will reveal truths to you.  Truths that are at first hard to see, hard to bear. 

Sit strong.  Sit in openness.  Sit in fearlessness.  Sit in honesty.  

Every storm passes to give rise to a crisp, calm, pristine sky- which you never experience if you don't weather the storm. 

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