Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Lens.

We all see the world through a lens. 

It becomes distorted by negative emotions, bias, ignorance and fear.  It is clarified by knowledge, insight and wisdom.

Our thoughts can feed our perception (or misperception), furthering the distortion into something unrecognizable or they can be used skillfully with logic and reason to create clarity and true seeing.  Our perceptions give rise to our thoughts and intentions, which themselves gives rise to our actions. 

What kind of actions are we taking if our lens is obscured?  Is it right action?  Just?

Our character, discipline and integrity are founded upon right action, doing what is right for ourselves and others.  But if we are to walk with confidence free from doubt and fear, then first we need to clean our lens. 

We need to eliminate the emotional and cognitive obscurations that affect our perception.  That is a must. 

Time to do the work.

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