Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Harvest

A gardener spends a lot of time and effort with the aim of having a bountiful summer harvest.  In the spring he mends the soil, replacing any lacking nutrients and correcting any imbalances.  Then he spends considerable time planting seeds and nurturing the seeds to sprout.  This requires astute attention to conditions and adapting to what the seasons are giving him.  As the plants grow through the early summer, the gardener diligently waters and eliminates invasive weeds that can strangle the crop.  As blossoms give rise to fruits and vegetables, he guards against insects that can ruin the harvest.  Finally, the fruit ripens and he can enjoy the harvest.

It is plentiful, so much so that he gives it freely to others lest it go to waste.  He shares abundantly, others benefiting from his work and feeling satiated themselves.

This is an example of an authentic spiritual practice.  It requires a lot of work and effort, constant vigilance and persistence, but if you do the work you will reap the harvest.

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