Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trim the Fat

Did you add a few extra pounds this year?  I did.

Are you going to get to work, train to get rid of them?

We all have our go-to programs- running, biking, lifting weights, cutting out the white carbs.  We know from our own experience what works and what doesn't.  If things aren't working, we will try something else and dig a little deeper.  You'll fight to make it happen.

You also know from experience that if you concede those ten pounds, those ten recruit their friends and it is a slippery slope from there.

Of course we are all carrying around some extra baggage in our heads- our stress, anxiety, fear, doubt and impatience.  Our neurosis.  You know it is there.  Don't be embarrassed, we have all it.

Do you do the work, do you train to get rid of it?

Not many people do.

If we concede it, that baggage will recruit its friends.  These are the kind of friends that party well into the night.  You'll wake up tired and crabby, meanwhile the baggage is off to a great start and is already recruiting more friends for the next party.

Your mind is extremely precious.  It is your most valuable asset.  Don't concede it just because you haven't learned how to train your mind and no one around you cares to try.  

So the next time someone asks if you work out, give them an emphatic 'YES, every day.' 

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