Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Love Song

Resting in the space of the Single Mother,
Without wavering from the presence of basic space,
One directly beholds the face of rigpa,
Completely naked and unadorned. 
With the meeting of these two, basic space and rigpa,
There is naturally arising great bliss,
A bliss so pristine you might just burst out laughing.
This indestructible awareness penetrates 
The world of appearances and possibilities in all her variety.
Soaring unhindered through the expanse of space,
Effortlessly benefitting beings in the all-pervasive sky
Through the compassion of the dynamic fierce mother. 
This is the sublime union of the dharmakaya
 Free from coming or going,
Without coming together or parting,
Abiding forever and always,
In the unchanging body of light. 

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