Friday, November 9, 2012

Hope that Coffee Wakes You Up

It was a regular Wednesday morning.  I awoke from my slumber, showered and got ready for work.   Heading out the door I stopped by my local coffee shop for my morning ritual cup of coffee.  The barista in her usual morning charm asked how my day was going to which I replied, "Good, little tired this morning."  Handing me the cup of coffee she said, "Hope this coffee wakes you up." 


One of the core teachings of the Buddha is that we all have this basic wakefulness.  Nobody really knows about this basic wakefulness or appreciates its potential.  We have all seen it with our own eyes.  It is very simple. 

The problem is it is too simple. 

It is dawn, the birds are chirping.  A ray of light swings across the room.  There is a garbage truck beeping across the street.  When we sit with our basic wakefulness we realize how awkward we are.  Our bodies are really uncomfortable, stiff and heavy.  We notice our feelings and emotions whether good or bad.  Our story lines become absurd. 

Basic wakefulness is raw. 

So for a moment sit with that rawness.  Create a gap in all the distraction and habit patterns, the compulsion to keep moving, to reach for that cup of coffee. For a moment, this is enough.  Just recognizing and resting in this basic wakefulness has the potential to change your whole day. 

It will definitely wake you up. 

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