Tuesday, November 6, 2012

For Sale: Supreme Vehicle (SUV)

**Absolutely Stunning.  Spectacular Condition Throughout**
2500 year old authentic, original production Supreme Vehicle.
4 Immeasurables yield responsive 4 wheel drive
Two doors of Method and Wisdom
6 Speed Manual Transmission of the Six Perfections, though you can always put it in Wisdom drive for effortless cruising
Nine Spoked Wheel of the Nine Yanas effortlessly carry you to your destination wherever you are on your path
Anti-Fixated Brakes keep you protected all the time even in slick situations where things could get out of control quickly
Immaculate mirrors perfectly reflect the true nature of reality, no size distortions like in ordinary vehicles
Two Headlights of the Two Truths illuminate reality without confusion
Five Colored Illusory Body eliminates the need for damage repair
Energy Efficient Exhaust System eliminates all defilements
Sun roof for phowa practitioners
Compassionate Climate Control System keeps you cool all the time
GPS (Guru's Pith inStruction) keeps you on course and gets you to the destination quickly
Universal Sound System plays unending stream of Dharma
Extra Thick Steering Wheel of the Lineage allows for full confidence in tough situations
Amazing Interior- you won't believe it until you see it yourself
All-encompassing, blissful seats.  The fine details are utterly inexpressible. 
Six seats for comfortable accommodating the six realm beings
Seats of inner heat keep you warm all winter. 
Owner's Manual in original condition, signed by the Buddha

100% Practitioner Satisfaction
100% Hassle Free
Feel free to stop by for a test drive.  We are open any time.
Inventory is unlimited, but don't wait your life ends soon.

Eternally Priced at your body, speech and mind.

Contact for more details.

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