Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Give a Dog a Bone

I want to share a story of a dog named Pema.

Pema is a wonderful dog.  She is incredibly loving.  Gentle.  She loves to run and go for walks.  She loves people, young or old.  If given the choice to go play or to stay close to you, she would choose you every time.

But give Pema a bone and she can't control herself.  She protects that bone 24/7.  She thinks people are scheming in order to get to her bone.  Even when asleep if she notices movement she is instantly on the defensive.

Despite all of this pomp and circumstance, when you take the bone away from her she instantly returns to her good-natured self.  I think she is honestly relieved to let her guard down and get back to cuddling.

How many dog bones do you have buried?  Why do you hold on to them so dearly?

What if you just let them go?

Next time you find yourself caught up on the defensive, speculating about how others are scheming against you, give a name to that bone you are defending.  Write it down.  What is it exactly and why is it so important to you?

You might just be relieved if you let it go. 

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