Friday, May 20, 2016

Ten kinds of spiritual practice.

Forego making plans for the years ahead,
instead devote whatever resources you have 
to your spiritual practice. 
~Longchen Rabjam 

Your practice shouldn't be another project.  It shouldn't be simply another check box to mark at the end of the day.  

Often we confound our spiritual practice with one or two particular activities and then struggle to fit those activities into our day.  

Actually, there are ten types of activities that contribute to the development of your spiritual practice, meaning the opportunity to practice is always readily available.  
1. Copying sacred texts or transcribing teachings
3. Being generous
4. Listening to teachings
5. Memorizing teachings
6. Reading scripture
7. Explaining the teachings to others
8. Chanting prayers and liturgies
9. Contemplating teachings
10. Meditating

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