Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Our biggest challenge.

We are all looking for resolution to the problems in our life. 

Disease cured.
Work done.
Problem solved.

But resolution is momentary, impermanent.  Something is always arising. 

Problems keep coming up, more work needs to be done.  Aging, sickness and death continues to play itself out.

Our struggle is with the unresolved state.  It is uncomfortable, unpredictable, worrisome.  Not knowing how to work with it, we seek solutions in order to escape the unease.

Our biggest challenge is learning how to work with the unresolved state.   

Let's change how we orient ourselves to resolution.

Resolution does not equal done.
Resolution is allowing whatever is coming up to be free in its own place.

By changing our orientation we can work with whatever is coming up without being pushed over the edge.  The problem might not be solvable, maybe not even for many ages, but we simply work with our situation as it is. 

Then problems and illness become methods by which we engage in our practice of resolving whatever arises.  Resolving into their own place, we don't experience dissatisfaction from fighting against them.  We can occupy a space of presence, clarity and ease.  We allow for moments of enjoyment and reflection.  Generosity and abundance become possible amidst unfortunate conditions. 

The best part of learning to resolve phenomena in their own place is that we can enjoy the fruit of our practice now, not some day in the distant future when all of our problems are solved. 

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