Friday, June 26, 2015


Caught up by fixation, I constantly find myself struggling and fall into negative mental states.

Tripped up by selfishness, I get easily angered and find my surroundings to be a battlefield in which I continually fall victim. 

Ensnared by a narrow mind, I make everything complicated even when it doesn't have to be, falling into a tumultuous cycle which I can't seem to escape. 

Leaping for gain, I missed the mark of contentment and have fallen to dissatisfaction.

Setting out for purpose, I have fallen to fulfilling my own selfish aims.

Intending to do what is right, I fell victim to fear and decided not to do anything.

Waiting, I fell under the spell of thinking I had more time...

I've fallen.  Sometimes standing doesn't even seem possible, so I sit.  

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