Friday, September 12, 2014

Out wandering.

Our minds drift all day and all night.  We scroll down through status updates looking for something interesting.  Click from video to video looking for the next laugh.  We like to be entertained and there is no limit to the entertainment available.

Until we get bored with being entertained.

Then we might go for a run, read a book, go shopping, bake some cookies.  Our mind will lead us off in all kinds of directions.  It is so easy to stay busy these days, some of us even use it as a catch-all for our day, "It was busy."

We might look for a new job, a different career, a new house.  What if we renovated instead?  We could move stuff around, do it another way.

So restless.

Why are we so restless?  What is this wandering mind really looking for?  Is it just another tasty treat or fun experience?  What is it?

It is hard to say what exactly you are looking for, I surely can't speak for you, but I think what all of our minds are looking for are to be in tune with our heart.  If our hearts don't know what we want or what we are looking for, our minds wander aimlessly looking for something to connect with.

If our hearts know what is true, what is meaningful and worthwhile, then our minds can focus on what needs to be done.  We can focus on our practice, whatever form that takes.

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