Sunday, January 22, 2012

Revenue Streams

Most of us have one main revenue stream for love, happiness and joy in our lives- usually our family and close friends.  What would happen if we diversified our investment?  Is it possible to conceive of a situation where strangers or even our supposed foes brought us joy and happiness?  It may seem remote, but it is indeed within our reach.


Open yourself to appreciating the world around you.  Take in all the subtle flavors of your environment and the people in it.  Like a fine wine that gets better as it opens up, you will find that appreciation brings a wealth of contentment, peace and joy.

Mutual Respect

It is hard to find this quality in our polarized world of right and wrong, my way or the highway.  But through appreciating others around us, we can start to come in touch with the notion that all people everywhere want happiness, peace, contentment and a sense of purpose.  We may start to see that diversity- of race, religion, sexual orientation and views- enriches our lives.  There is a depth of experience open to us that can unearth much more wisdom than if we were surrounded by people just like us. 


Having appreciated the world around us and come to have mutual respect, we can now tap into a huge opportunity for generating inner wealth.  Rejoice in the success of others.  Rejoice in the happiness of others.  Just rejoice and dedicate that feeling you have so that all beings everywhere, plagued by sufferings of body and mind, may obtain an ocean of happiness and joy.

Through these three simple methods- appreciation, mutual respect and rejoicing- we will come to know infinite sources of happiness, joy, peace and contentment in our lives.  We can start to fulfill our own aims and the aims of others around us. 

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