Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Perfection of Generosity

'The gift is to the giver and comes back to them.'
Walt Whitman

Generosity of Generosity

Generosity is the act of giving gifts.  They may be material, teachings, protection from fear or personal interactions that benefit others.

Discipline of Generosity

The discipline of giving gifts is to let go of attachment to your own welfare and status.  This involves being free from the eight worldly concerns, such as thinking that by giving a gift your status will be enhanced or that people will praise your good qualities.  Let go of the notion that people are going to applaud your greatness.

Patience of Generosity

The patience of giving gifts is to not be attached to the result.  Be patient with people's criticism of your gifts and their reaction, whether it be positive or negative.

Diligence of Generosity

The diligence of giving gifts is to strive more and more.  Don't be complacent, don't wait for just the right time.  The time is now, give.

Meditation of Generosity

The meditation of giving gifts is to single pointedly dedicate the act to the welfare of yourself and others.  

Wisdom of Generosity

The wisdom of giving gifts is none other than the awakened mind free from reference to 'me' and 'mine'.  The giver, act of giving and the recipient are all mutually dependent on one another; the one cannot exist without the other.   The perfection of generosity is the ultimate awakened mind that is boundless and without measure, simultaneously accomplishing its own benefit while carrying out the benefit of countless beings.

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  1. Wonderful post - thanks for putting out the reminder on why generosity is so important!