Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A matter of perspective.

You have two eyes with a field of view of about 200 degrees.  Even with those two eyes, you know how much each eyes perception varies.  Close your right eye and you lose some perception, your depth perception changes, your ability to process and respond becomes impaired. 

What would happen if we had four eyes? Or a hundred? 

The lens through which we see the world is shaped by our sensory faculties.  Would we react differently if we had a 360 degree view?  If we could see up and down, right and left?

We see the world through our own eyes, but what if we could start to see the world from others perspective?  Would we be more compassionate and understanding if we could appreciate others point of view?  If our perception wasn't so limited, would we be more responsive and available to others? 

Breaking down barriers and obscurations to our view is an important step in developing wisdom.  No matter how much we meditate, if we always see the world the same then nothing will change.  We need to change our view, shift our perspective.  

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