Monday, June 20, 2016


It is important to have a strong intention in your practice.  To have a clear focus.  To be resolute, deliberate. 

Watch your mind carefully though.  Watch its undercurrents and the way you actually engage with the world, because being deliberate in your practice can often take the form of deliberation.

Deliberation is a waiting room.

It is hesitation, over conceptualization and theoretical idealism.  It is waiting for the right circumstances, the right time, the right signs or omens.  It is waiting for confirmation, or approval, or recognition.   It is waiting for the right answer or the directions, a map with everything clearly marked. 

Just waiting.  And waiting is not the practice.

The practice is to walk through the door.  To deliberately go in the face of uncertainty.  To deliberately go, even when things aren't just right.


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