Friday, March 11, 2016

Pure vision.

Tibetan: dak-nang
English: pure vision

Pure vision is a unique aspect of the tantric path and the student-teacher relationship. 

As a westerner we approach the student-teacher relationship with skepticism and doubt.  We tend to be critical of every thought, word and deed.  We are used to bringing judgement into our relationships, setting firm boundaries of what is right and what is wrong.  We are ready to pounce on every minor flaw that we see, confirming our own rightness and position.

The result is that we are not impacted.  We are not changed.  We continue on our righteous way. 

In order to be impacted by teachings, we need to be open minded and receptive.  We need to be present.  It is important that we show up ready, attentive, embodied.

We have to show up with a receptive and strong mind of initiative in order to be impacted.  Our habitual tendencies, negative thoughts and emotions are simply too strong otherwise.  It is too easy for us to slip back into negative feedback loops.  Too easy to fall prey to judgement, skepticism and arrogance. 

Pure vision is the process of entering a teaching with a sense of wonder and awe.  It is a fresh, receptive and curious perspective.  When we sit for a teaching in such a way, we actually hear and receive the teachings. 

Pure vision isn't about creating a make believe experience, it is about seeing things as they truly are for the first time, as they are now. 

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