Monday, March 21, 2016

One last demon to overcome.

 I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere in any literature, but it is something worth noting.

There are twelve deeds of a Buddha.  The first nine consist of a Buddha taking birth and then embarking on the path to awakening, culminating in a fierce battle with their own demons.  

The tenth deed is to gain complete awakening.

The eleventh is turning the Wheel of Dharma, or teaching.

The twelfth is passing away into parinirvana.

The scriptures recount that upon the Buddha gaining complete and utter enlightenment he rested in equipoise for seven days.  Afterwards, he hesitated to teach, thinking that their would be no way to communicate his realization and no one to understand the truth he had realized. 

For a moment, the Buddha was faced with uncertainty about the work he was about to do, the work that he needed to do as a Buddha. 

For a moment, the Buddha entertained the thought of holding back, of not sharing the boundless joy that he had realized first hand.

That was the last trick that Mara had left to play.  It was a subtle trick, playing into the Buddha's human nature, but it was the only move he had left.  The Buddha was already free, his mind liberated, but there was an opportunity to prevent him from being generous.

But the Buddha did not bite that hook. 

It is said that the Buddha sat for seven weeks in samadhi after his enlightenment to formulate his teachings.  The rest of his life was spent sharing generously.

The last demon to overcome on the path is the resistance that we are all faced with to hold back. 

What is the work that you came here to do?  What is holding you back?

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