Friday, October 16, 2015

That doesn't look good on you.

Fashion plays an important role in any culture.  People care how they look. 

They care about the impression they leave on people.  They care about how fashion allows them to move through their day.  They care about embodying what they want to see in the world.  They care about the message they are sending, the culture they are shaping, and the standard to be admired. 

We all know the usual players of fashion- footwear, accessories, hair and makeup.  Those have been the stalwarts that have defined fashion for the ages.  But fashion also has trends, trends we use to explore our culture and our world.

How do you look wearing anger?
What statement are you making when you use divisive and hurtful speech?
What impression do others have when you are impatient and rude?

I am willing to bet it doesn't look good on you.  And yet, others might follow your lead.

Of course the art of fashion is to create the image you want to see shape the world.

Kindness. Generosity. Compassion. Honesty. Respect. Humor. Confidence. Patience. 

What do those look like?

What are you wearing?

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