Friday, August 14, 2015

Three cornerstones of your practice.


Discipline gives you structure.  It gives your practice form.  It provides reinforcement and direction. 
Meditation allows you to dig deeper, cut through the layers.  It allows you to let go, gain stability and clarity.  It is your workshop.
Wisdom allows you to make connections, draw out the implications.  It is insight and clear seeing.  It is direct, no BS. 

Discipline without meditation or wisdom and you become rigid, narrow minded and overly analytical.  You become confined, bound by rules.  You become like a well trained rat in a cage of concepts. 

Meditation without discipline and you lack the skills to act.  You are like a carpenter without tools, confident sure, but unable to construct anything meaningful.

Meditation without wisdom and you get stuck in absorption.  You are like a circus elephant in the mud- happy, joyful, relaxed- never wanting to leave.  All your pride has you confused and you forget that the circus still owns you.

Wisdom without discipline and you are like a madman, unable to connect and relate to others.

Wisdom without meditation is like a flash of lightening in the night, it will illuminate the darkness for a brief moment but it is unlikely to set anything ablaze. 

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