Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Sit for ten minutes.

What was your experience?
Where did you experience resistance?
How do you handle that resistance?
Can you know your experience without conceptually elaborating it as you experience it?
Is mental chatter necessary to know your experience?
What is mind?
What are its characteristics and qualities?
When your mind is stable and calm, look deeper, what is there?
When your mind is agitated and restless, why?  Why can't you fix that?  And if you can, how?
What is the nature of mind?
Is it permanent or changing?  Does it exist?  How so?

Start sitting regularly.  Start asking questions and looking for answers.  Then ask more questions.  Keep going deeper.

Where is the end?  Where does it stop?  When do you reach the ground?  Are you sure that is it?

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