Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Songs of the Mahasiddhas

 Join the Venerable Younge Khachab Rinpoche as he returns to Seattle with teachings on the Songs of the Mahasiddhas. The Mahasiddhas were a diverse group of practitioners who were practical, committed, creative and engaged with their world. They shared their awakening through songs of realization and instruction. Khachab Rinpoche will give an explanation of these instructions so that we can follow  the footsteps of these great practitioners.

Register online at:

 August 2 & 3, 2014
10-12pm and 2-5pm
515 N 64th St
Seattle, WA
(near Greenlake)

$150 pre-registration
If you wish to attend, but cannot afford the full amount, please contact us in advance to discuss work study options 
and what amount you can afford to pay. A limited number of these partial scholarships will be awarded based on need.

Younge KhachabRinpoche VII is the Younge family lineage holder and a true nonsectarian scholar and Dzogchen yogi. He is known for his accessibility, youthful humor and brilliant discourse.

For additional information or questions, please email siddhearta@gmail.com.

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