Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Indifference is not wisdom.

How we relate to what is coming up in our experience determines whether or not it gives rise to wisdom. 

If we are open and responsive, willing to sit with resistance and irritation, we have a chance of opening up to insight and clarity.  Usually however as soon as we are faced with resistance and irritation we look to protect ourselves and close off any opportunity for harm and discomfort to enter, thus shutting any window for the light of wisdom to dawn.  

If we approach our experience with indifference it produces an even more unsightly side effect.  People who possess a mind of indifference actually think that they are quite wise and capable.  Their nonchalantness and overall lack of concern is actually a subtle dullness that results from a nihilistic view (nihilism = nothing matters, who cares).  The result is that they lack warmth, generosity, love and compassion.  Their practice has stalled and any progress is halted.

But they think they are doing a really good job.  And that is the danger. 

They could continue on this path for years before their practice gets corrected.   They could continue down the path of ego and ignorance, instead of the path of wisdom.

How do you relate to what is coming up in your life, right now? 

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