Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trouble finding our seat.

A lot of us, most of us actually, have difficulty finding our seat.  We are quickly consumed by our position, what is our view, our orientation.  Maybe we should take our seat in this location?  Or maybe it would be best if it were in that other location way over there?

Even if we have the location of our seat, there is the whole contrived act of arranging our surroundings, our dress, the lights and atmosphere.

Then when the atmosphere is just right, we might get caught up in thinking that we are not actually prepared to take our seat.  We should have read and prepared more, or accomplished this other activity or project first.

As sure as we are of our opinions and ideas and of who we are, our uncertainty shows in our unwillingness to take our seat.  Our uncertainty manifests itself as restlessness.

Taking your seat means to sit with confidence, composure and certainty.  It means to be calm and clear.  You sit with discipline and grace not to conform with the 'right way' to sit, but because discipline and grace are the natural expression of a peaceful mind.

Mainly I am talking about finding your seat in meditation.  But, I could also be talking about finding your seat in life.  

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