Saturday, January 5, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

If reality is your canvas and generosity is your art, here are 52 random acts that can paint a picture of kindness and compassion.  

1. Bring dinner for a friend in need. 
2. Pick up garbage on the street.
3. Congratulate people on a job well done.
4. Bring healthy snacks to work for your coworkers (or cupcakes).
5. Volunteer
6. Write a prayer or wish on the sidewalk in chalk.
7. Help someone with a flat tire.
8. Give someone your filled punch card.  
9. Leave a heartfelt note.
10. Call your grandparents.
11. Send a handwritten letter.
12. Give a cup of soup to a homeless person.
13. Give someone your seat on the bus.
14. Skip the close parking space in the rain.
15. Hold the door open for someone.
16. Let that stranger in a rush go in front of you in line.
17. Carry dog treats.
18. Give a bouquet of flowers.
19. Perform a burnt sur offering for the recently deceased.
20. Offer to push someone in their wheel chair.
21. Strike up a conversation with the old man on the corner.
22. Look people in the eye, and say 'Good Morning'.
23. Help a neighbor clean up their yard. 
24. Pay for the person behind you in line.
25. Go caroling, any day of the year.
26. Offer your shoulder to cry on.
27. Offer your legs to lift.
28. Offer your back to carry.
29. Let the other person win.
30. Offer prayers of aspiration to bring benefit to others when no one is looking. 
31. Leave a gift card for a stranger. 
32. Light a candle on a dark corner.
33. Leave your favorite book in a public place with a note.
34. Send a friend a photo of the good old days.
35. Make dinner for friends or family. 
36. Do the dishes.
37. Offer your body, speech and mind through the practice of Chod.
38. Be willing to say 'Yes'. 
39. Be open to say 'I can'.
40. Show up early to set up.
41. Stay late to help clean up.
42. Offer to be a free babysitter.
43. Help those who are sick.
44. Offer your umbrella in the rain.
45. Listen.
46. Be present.
47. Plant a tree.
48. Share stories of love and inspiration.
49. 'Like' other people's acts of generosity.
50. Rejoice in the merits of others.
51. Respect everyone.
52. Take a breath and recall these acts before you act with anger. 

What random acts of kindness would you add to the list?

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