Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Encouragement

The following is an excerpt from the Precious Treasury of Pith Instructions, composed as the heart advice of the great Longchen Rabjam.


Six considerations will provide encouragement:
The yogic practice of holy masters is their legacy to you;
please do not be indolent or dilatory in your spiritual practice.
Meditation on the arising of thoughts provides fuel for your sublime knowing;
please do not consider concentration on some fixed point to be the best way.
Suffering and other negative conditions are inducements to undertake positive action;
please neither indulge in whining and moaning, nor try to rid yourself of negative circumstances.
The manifestation of the five emotional poisons is the secret path to timeless awareness;
please do not thing of them as wrong, as you would a horde of enemies.
Obstacles in all their variety are intimations of spiritual attainment;
please do not react to them with apprehension, superstition or aversion.
What you perceive as samsara is the pure realm of the victorious one's;
please do not place your trust in the seeming truth of your confused dualistic perceptions.

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