Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Practice of the path.

First, we are introduced to the nature of mind, our intrinsic buddhanature, which is unceasing luminous emptiness. 

Because we have not recognized its empty nature, we conceive of a self. 
Not recognizing the luminous clarity aspect, we reify appearances. 
Not recognizing the unceasing quality of the nature of mind, we get caught up in all that appears and exists. 

All of these obscurations- thoughts, emotions, karma, habitual tendencies- are merely adventitious stains without any inherent existence. Knowing these to be adventitious and impermanent without an underlying basis, we can confidently engage in the path to eliminate and purify them. With confidence in the ground continuum, we can engage in the path.

Understanding the abiding nature of the mind, our practice gives us something to work with in order to attain the result. 

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