Friday, January 29, 2016

Difference between mind and rigpa.

Mind experiences appearances and has a quality of inner fixation.
Rigpa is free from external objects and internal fixation.

Mind as a perceiver gives rise to secondary mental factors which give birth to a chain of karmic actions.
Rigpa has no causes or conditions to give rise to karma because there are no secondary mental factors.

Mind is obscured by cognitive, emotional and habitual patterns and imprints.
Rigpa is primordially free of obscurations and imprints.  Its nature is originally pure kadag.

In meditation, we can recognize the characteristics of mind.
Rigpa has no characteristics.

How do we recognize rigpa?

Leave the mind in its uncontrived, natural state.  Without chasing after thoughts or appearances you arrive at a calm, clear and pristine state.  Dissolve all thoughts and appearances into the ground of the nature of mind like waves dissolving into water or clouds dissolving into space.

Sustain that through unique Dzogchen mindfulness and vigilance.

The clarity aspect of the nature of mind will intensify.
The ultimate aspect of that luminosity is rigpa.

This meditation instruction was received from Younge Khachab Rinpoche, September 2011. 

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