Monday, May 4, 2015

Rest in movement.

I think we all have an impulse to see rest as state without movement.  It's a gap in your day, a day off of work or a moment of connecting with the breath. 

We see rest as stillness.  Peace and quiet. 

We struggle to reconcile movement with rest.  When we are busy, we long for the moment when we are not.  When we are at work, we long for the moment we are done.  Movement becomes our adversary and our days are lost in spite of ourselves. 

What if we learned to rest in the dance?  What if we could rest with the dynamic display that manifests around us and through our day?  What if movement didn't pull us away, but rather reinforced our awareness. 

What if we no longer had to fight against 'busy', but took 'busy' along with us on the path of realization?

If we no longer had to divide our days between busy or restful, how would we live them?

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