Thursday, June 26, 2014

Establishing the Ground: A Short Meditation

Take your seat in a comfortable position, back straight.
Relax your shoulders, neck, jaw.
Notice any tension or tightness in your body, relax.
Start to notice your breath.
Naturally inhaling and exhaling,
feeling the breath fill the lungs. 
Take three long and slow inhales and exhales,
as you inhale, imagine breathing in a pure white light,
purifying and refreshing the body and mind, like a gentle breeze.
As you exhale, imagine exhaling all your stress and static energy,
exhaling all disease, illness and negativity.
Then relax.  Rest.
With your eyes closed, bring your awareness to your heart center.
Imagine in the center of your heart a brilliant white light,
like a brilliant star suspended in the expanse of the night sky.
As you inhale, imagine that light intensifies,
becoming more and more brilliant.
Maintaining that mental object, ride the inhale and exhale.
(Continue 5-10 minutes)

At the conclusion of the session,
imagine that brilliant light dissolves completely into space,
open your eyes,
rest in open, authentic presence.

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