Friday, May 9, 2014

Letting sadness wash over me.

I am giving my heart over to sadness,
no longer holding it at bay. 
Feeling it overwhelm me, overcome me,
letting it remind me of all the pain,
the sorrow and disappointment.
I am letting sadness wash over me,
because the sadness is carried by love.
Sadness at those lost, lost loved one, lost memories,
lost days, weeks and months,
lost moments and lost opportunities.
When my heart breaks with sadness,
I feel awash in love.
This love is overwhelming,
it breaks me and I want to be broken.
I no longer want to hold back,
to distance myself from the pain,
from the turmoil and sadness.
Love is enduring, it carries you through,
it holds you when you are broken,
waits for doors to open and gives you time to walk through.
When my heart is filled with sadness,
gratitude and appreciation arise at every step,
every street corner and every face.
Happiness is a shooting star across a magical night sky,
but sadness, include sadness in your love,
and love is everywhere.

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