Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Life gets busy.

You've committed to a daily practice. You read and reflect, expand your knowledge and improve your skills.  You hope and plan, make exceptions and pardon laziness.  You work and dig and plot and scheme.  And you make a little progress.  You can see a difference, all of this is paying off.  Still, you seem to be fighting all this inertia, you know where you want to go and maybe even how to get there, but there is this unseen weight holding you down.   

A retreat is a powerful move. 

Retreat from all the busyness and distraction.  Retreat from the endless turmoil of information and entertainment.  Isolate your mind.  Clarify your intention.  Remove all the excess. 

Immerse yourself. 

To retreat isn't to withdraw or escape.  It is a direct encounter.  Face to face.  Mono y mono. 

Speaking of retreat, Younge Khachab Rinpoche is hosting the annual summer Dzogchen retreat in Madison, WI June 13-20.  For more details, visit: http://youngedrodulling.org/retreat2014.shtml

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