Friday, November 1, 2013

A Simple Vessel.

What was your intention upon entering the womb in this life?

Was it to be rich, famous and successful?
To wine and dine at the finest restaurants?
Was it to see the latest blockbuster, buy the newest gadget?
To play in a band, write a book?
Was it to find your partner, raise a family?
To live a long time, to be healthy?
Was it to run wild, experience everything under the sun?
What was it?

It is a strange question, but if you had an intention for entering the womb,
what was it?

Was it one of those?

Or was it to awaken to the truth. 
To share generously and love. 
To bring benefit to others, to make an impact in people's lives. 
Was it to empower the weak, to feed the hungry.
Maybe it was as simple as to take impermanence as your vessel,
and to live a life of compassion. 

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