Friday, May 17, 2013


Everyone who goes to the airport knows exactly where they are going. They already have a ticket in their hand. 

Most people in the airport have a single objective- to get to their gate so they don't miss their trip.  They rush through security, grab a water and some snacks, maybe take a short bathroom break, but then it is to the gate where they often lobby for the best position in line for a seat they already have. 

Because everyone knows where they are going we shouldn't be surprised that people mostly ignore each other.  Tunnel vision and head phones are the norm.  Give me an iPad or a book and I can sit in the airport for hours. 

The thing is, a lot of magic happens in the airport.  People are leaving their loved ones, joining up with them again.  Kids on their first flight are pulling their mini luggage bags, new parents are trying really hard to make this work.  People are setting out on new adventures, embarking on new ideas, new lives or simply going home to see their grandparents, hopefully not for the last time. 

Most of us miss out on the magic that takes place in the airport because we are so busy doing our own thing.  We miss countless opportunities and interactions because we aren't willing to stop what we are doing and to look at what is happening right around us.  We might be able to lend a helping hand, step out of someone's way or share in a friendly conversation.  We might experience laughter and joy, maybe even hold back a few tears at all the love and happiness that surrounds us. 

In our own life, we are constantly being propelled by our past actions and thoughts, our physical, social and cultural conditioning.  Most of us hold tickets to places we don't even want to go.  Too often we rush to our destination not realizing that there are so many sacred moments to be enjoyed right where we are. 

Open your eyes to those around you, open your ears to what they need.  Open your mouth to share kindness, open your heart to witness love.

When you are no longer propelled to your destination, you might be surprised what opportunities present themselves.  You will also be fortunate enough to enjoy them.  

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