Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Barefoot Living

You've heard the news,
barefoot running is the hot new trend.
Its benefits are applauded-
Less pain in the feet, better form and more fun.

What if we made the jump to barefoot living?

What if we simplified all our projects, goals and expectations?
What if we freed all our pains, plans and problems?
What if we opened our hands, hearts and minds?
What if we lived in the present, opened our hearts to tenderness, and enjoyed the rawness of every interaction in the world around us?

It is possible.
Everyone would applaud its benefits-
Life would have less pain, better form and be more fun.

Go ahead.  Take your shoes off.


  1. As much as I agree with this, and would love to see a similar transition occur, it seems overwhelmingly difficult to achieve this level of simplicity in the technology focused world that most of us live in.

    1. I agree Mike, this does seem difficult. However we can imagine a situation where technology assists us in simplifying our life- start by identifying what is important in your life and cultivating the steps to make that a reality. Everything else is a distraction.